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Life Insurance

Whole Life or Universal Life Policies take 5-10 years to build cash value.

Most proceeds are paid 1-2 weeks after filing a claim and submitting all required documentation.

Typically, up to 90% of your Cash Value.

As soon as you have enough cash value.

Life insurance policies cover all deaths from natural causes and accidents. Suicide is either excluded or covered once the policy has been in-force for a certain period.

Whole Life is more expensive because it has a savings account feature which allows the owner/insured to access cash during his/her lifetime. Term insurance is less expensive than Whole Life because term insurance has no value unless you/insured pass away

Premiums can increase for certain term policies. Premiums are always fixed for Whole Life policies. Premiums can be either fixed or variable with Universal Life Policies.

The average life insurance premium is approximately $50 per month.

Universal Life is a type of permanent life insurance policy which can build cash value and provide lifetime coverage if sufficient premiums are paid

You should buy whole life If you desire lifetime coverage, fixed premium payments, and access to cash value. Buy “term” If you prefer affordable short-term coverage and are not concerned about future premium increases or access to cash value.

The three policy types are Whole life, Universal life, and Term life. Whole Life and Universal Policies are designed to provide permanent lifetime coverage whereas term insurance only provides temporary coverage.

The best policies are underwritten by “A rated” life insurance companies.

Stock Market Alerts

Yes. You may!

You may use any stock broker which offers options trading capability. We will provide a list of recommended brokers during your on-boarding call.

If you choose to cancel your membership, a full refund will be granted if requested by email within 24 hours of payment. Due to the nature of our program no refunds can be granted after stock picks have been sent (which are within 24 hours of payment for membership). You may cancel auto-billing on or before your next scheduled billing date. To cancel auto-billing OR request a full refund you may email [email protected]

Group training is virtual. You will be sent a meeting link to join the group training at the scheduled time.

Each Group Training Session is 1-2 hours.

Group Training is Offered Quarterly (March, June, September, December) each year.

The recommended minimum investment amount is $10,000.

We cannot guarantee your results. Your results will vary depending on many factors, including but not limited to your stock (stock option) choice, individual efforts, account size, and market conditions. Our performance track record will be periodically updated on our website.

Unfortunately, we cannot provide investment advice. Your stock (stock option) choice should be based on your risk tolerance, account size, and financial objectives.

Typical investment holding times are for a minimum of 1 year. This is not a “day trading” or “swing-trading” program.

Stock Market Education

This course is for self-learning and does not provide hands-on training. If you require additional training, please check out our “Stock Market Alerts Program.”

Since we provide a preview of all course content on the “Stock Market Education” page all purchases are final and absolutely no refunds will be processed.

You may access the modules at any time during your one-year membership access period.

1 year from the date of purchase.


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