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This is not about selling products or services; this is about financial empowerment, and using it to change lives, families, and communities while positively impacting future generations.”
– Jerry Gordon, President 


Since launching our company in 2012, we have been driven by the mission to help Black Americans create wealth and financial security and establish multigenerational financial legacies. By offering access to a broad array of life insurance products, retirement accounts, and wealth accumulation strategies, we have successfully carved a reputation as trusted advisors for Black Families across the US by enabling them to effectively create, protect, and transfer wealth.

We are proud to be an independent life insurance agency that represents our clients to the top 30+ life insurance companies across the country. These companies have a combined 200+ year history of financial strength and credible reputations for protecting families. At Financial Feng Shui, we pride ourselves in cultivating and sharing the family culture both within the company and with clients. Since we are independent, we always do what’s best for our clients.

    2012, December

    Founded Financial Feng Shui.

  • 2016, January

    Black Stock Market Mastery Program

  • 2018, December

    Black Wealth Bootcamp, Atlanta

  • 2019 October

    Black Wealth Bootcamp DC/ Detroit/Chicago

  • 2020, June

    New Office Opened @ 715 Peachtree NE, Atlanta.

  • 2020, March

    Live Weekly Virtual Workshops

  • 2021, January

    Rebranding to Black Wealth Company.

Mission + Vision

A Purpose Driven Organization

Our Approach

We use a “bucket approach” to financial planning that addresses 3 critical areas in one’s financial plan: protection (safety), accumulation (growth), and distribution (income). By satisfying the requirements of each financial bucket, the client’s financial plan has a high probability of long-term success. We also help clients address common psychological barriers to wealth creation because even the best financial plan will fail with the wrong psychology.

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